Does the price include a bow? --- I recommend cello bows for most of my instruments. Since there is such a wide variety available I do not include a bow with the instrument. I will be very happy to discuss all the various options out there as it can be very confusing for someone who is new to the bowing world. One thing I would recommend.  You will get much more bow for your money with a carbon fiber bow as opposed to a wood bow.  Good quality wood bows are very expensive ( $1000.00 or more). If your bow budget is not unlimited, carbon fiber is your best bet.  Most bowed dulcimer players use Coda bows. They are easy to find, affordable and excellent quality.  They are very consistent one bow to the next which means that you can shop the web for the best price. There are many other brands available in a wide variety of price ranges. I'll do my best to help you navigate this maze.

What about a case? --  There are two companies that make cases for bowed dulcimers, Thistledew Acres in Ohio, and Blue Heron Cases in California. Both make excellent quality cases that have a bow pocket, accessory pocket and good padding. They only differ in their approach. The Thistledew Acres cases are end loading. The Blue Heron cases open like a hard case would.   I do make hard bases in the style of a 19th century instrument case. I don't particularly enjoy making cases and thus I charge $300.00 for a hard case.