Double Bass

The lowest pitched member of the bowed dulcimer family. This instrument came about at the urging of Gail West who kept wanting an instrument that played lower and lower in pitch. It is tuned one octave below the Octave Violin. The low G is the same pitch as the lowest G on a string bass. To achieve the best sound, this instrument has Novax frets, which means they are  on a slant. the high string is 25" long. The low string is 26 5/8" long. This extra length on the lower two strings gives the tone more solidity and presence. This idea has been used with great success on eight string guitars and other extended range instruments. It is still comfortable to play. The left hand doesn't really notice the difference.  The internal structure of the double bass has features that my other instruments don't such as a laminated bass bar, needed both for sound and extra strength. If you like playing below everyone else, this is the bowed dulcimer for you. $1500.00