This instrument is named after the Pardessus da viol, the smallest of the gamba family. I make this in two string lengths, 14" and 15". This instrument is particularly well suited for small hands and has surprising volume for its size. The Pardessus is available as a three string or four stringed instrument. In the 13 1/2" length, it can be strung with either violin  strings. With viola strings it is pitched the same as a standard bowed dulcimer.  Using the 15" string length it is only strung with viola strings for a most robust sound. 

     In the tradition of the Pardessus da viol, the Pardessus bowed dulcimer has double purfling around the top and a third soundhole at the base of the fingerboard. It sits comfortably on the lap and  the short string length makes it very comfortable for small hands to play.  $800.00