Buit in pickups--   $100.00

Carved pegheads-- these include animal heads, scrolls, and just about anything you can think of. I've done mermaids, cherries, buffalo, dragons, horseheads, dogs, etc.    $150.00

Inlay- Mother of Pearl dots are standard. I can inlay position markers of notched squares or diamonds, similar to what you see on pre-War Martin guitars for an additional $25.00.

Beyond that I have done a lot of Celtic knotwork inlays in fingerboards and tailpieces as well as a host of other patterns. These priced according to how complex and time consuming they are. Please inquire.

Single Cutaway-- this change in body shape gives the left hand easy access to the entire fingerboard without having to change your hand position.  It functions the same way a cutaway does on a guitar but is much more useful on the bowed dulcimer. Once you get past the elementary stages of playing, most people find they are spending more and more time playing in the upper reaches of the fingerboard. The single cutaway makes this much easier and much more comfortable.  $60.00